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Make the fuel islands on your fore-court shine! 

Your search for an easy, safe, & effective diesel fuel and gas pump cleaner stops here! DEEZY Diesel Fuel & Gas Pump Residue Remover is the EASY cleaner for all fuel and diesel fuel pumps.

Watch this . . .

to achieve this.


Is your current pump cleaning as easy as SPRAY-PAUSE-RINSE with clean water?

Do you have an effective, safe solution for cleaning your fuel pumps and diesel pumps?

Do you like paying an expensive company to clean your diesel pumps every month?

Do you have a safe, powerful product that cleans the fuel off of your concrete?

Are your cleaning products SAFE, POWERFUL & EASY TO USE?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, then DEEZY is for you!

A powerful product to easily clean your diesel fuel pumps, gas pump tanks, and concrete. DEEZY Diesel Fuel Residue Remover is easy to use, highly effective, and safe for your employees. 

  • Spray onto soiled surfaces

  • Wait for a moment

  • Rinse with clean water