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Do more than just clean your toilets & urinals - easily remove challenging rust and scale.


Safecid Toilet & Urinal Cleaner eliminates germs and odors and is the best calcium, scale, and rust cleaner for toilets and urinals. Save employee manhours with no scrubbing. 

  • Apply to toilet or urinal.

  • Wait for a moment.

  • Scrub lightly with cleaning brush.

  • No heavy scrubbing necessary.

  • No VOCs or harmful fumes for your employees.


Watch the power of Safecid Toilet & Urinal Cleaner in this video. Our Toilet & Urinal Cleaner attacks calcium/scale and rust with the same strength.


Safecid removes "just" the calcium shell from an egg without touching the delicate membrane that encases the egg white and yolk. Say goodbye to your calcium buildup - and rust!

SAFETY - notice the hand immersed in the acid (which has the strength of hydochloric acid) suffers no burns or harm. TRULY REVOLUTIONARY.

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