SAFECID Toilet & Urinal Cleaner is as strong as hydrochloric or muriatic acid, yet it is safe. SAFECID Toilet & Urinal Cleaner removes lime, calcium, scale, mineral deposits, organic stains, hard water residue, phosphates, urinal salts and rust stains from toilets, urinals, pipes and equipment without harming the finish.


No need for heavy scrubbing with scouring pads which can harm surface finishes. Product is safe for the user and the environment, biodegrades in 10 days or less, and approved for direct discharge.


Toilet & Urinal Cleaner (FREE SHIPPING)

    • Safe for user, employees
    • 0-0-0 hazmat rating, safe for groundwater release
    • Noncorrosive, nonhazardous, non-US DOT and Canadian-TDG regulated.